Tammie Corley

"Beauty happens even if no one is looking. I continue to look, listen and attend to my surroundings wherever I am (The Pacific Northwest or the Florida Keys)  so that I can perceive the joy, the letting go, the deep artistry that is everywhere."--Tammie Corley

Tammie creates textured porcelain and stoneware pottery pieces for various functions:  fun and silliness, beauty and practicality, elegance and interest. She incorporates surrounding textures, found objects, repurposed beads, old things, new things and sometimes blue things. Her studio is at her home under the stairs or in out of the way places.

Her kiln is an electric Skutt Kilnmaster 1227 which is fired to Cone 04 Bisque and Cone 6 (plus or minus at times) Oxidization.

Trained as an elementary teacher, Tammie earned a bachelors degree from Central Washington University and a masters from Florida International University. She continued her exploration of learning in clay at Miami-Dade Community College and Green River Community College.  She continues to learn, practice and practice again new skills she gleans at workshops, seminars and alongside others.  You will often find several other people "playing in the clay" along with her at her studio in the Florida Keys where she lives with her husband.